Magical adventures in Disneyland - Paris trip part 2

Are you ready for some magic?

I said in the previous part the night was long and nothing was going in our favour. First of all, we were soaked to the skin, also really tired, waiting a solid 30 minutes for a taxi, it was after midnight after all. The taxi ride was crazy, because of the traffic it took much longer than we planned. I was the only person who stayed awake and I "enjoyed" my chitchat with a driver about the competition between Taxi corporations and Uber/Lyft. After 1 am we arrived at the hotel. The check-in was terrible and the staff in this hotel was mega rude to us haha. I will not explain the details, cuz there are better things to talk about! As I said we had a really bad luck during this trip.
In the morning we woke up too late... part of the group because the other part was perfectly on time waiting for us in the lobby. We were late for the bus but still managed to get to Disneyland before opening. This picture we took much later, while we were going to th…

What happened in Paris - Paris trip part 1

Hi! I know I know, it's been ages! But I'm back!
Let's talk holidays! My first glimpse of this years really long holidays was a short trip to Paris and Disneyland! What's the better way to celebrate the end of exams session than going on a trip! So we gather a group of friends and family and decided to go to the capital of France. It was May 28 when we headed to Warsaw Airport. Early in the morning, we had a flight to Paris Charles De Gaulle. At about 11 o'clock we went out of a metro station and saw Paris for the first time (actually it was my 3rd time there, but for the rest of the group it was a first time). Have you seen Disney's Ratatouille? Why? Well... the first thing we saw was a humongous rat that run in front of us right after we went out of the metro station. And that reminded me of this movie. If you haven't seen it I highly recommend!

Ok, this will be so basic and lame.. we were walking for 40 minutes around the park to find a coffee but we didn’t s…

My past weeks - Spring ootd, cinema, Leonardo da Vinci and more

Hi guys!
I hope you are all doing good! I want to quickly tell you what I was up to during few past weeks, quite a lot of things happened. First of all studying, it takes a huge portion of my time, and it will be only worse through upcoming weeks. March was also busy in my Airbnb apartment with what I’m happy of course ;)

Still, I managed to do a lot of fun things, I met with my friends from previous studies what was really nice. We don’t meet often, they study in Warsaw now, so it was really good to catch up with them. We went to my favourite Thai restaurant.. < fun fact about me, I could eat only Pad Thai with shrimps for the rest of my life. I love this dish so so much. >

Winter came back
Oh, the weather in Poland is abnormal. Last week we had the winter come back. We survived a true blizzard here. Then it was about 15 degrees, now it is cold again. I can’t stand it.
You know I’m not a fan of that season. Technically it is already spring, but you quickly forget about it when…